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We help our clients build and implement marketing strategies along multiple digital channels, including: search engine optimisation, direct email marketing campaigns, and social media marketing.

Grow your business with online marketing.

Most businesses spend 5-10% of what they earn on marketing. If you're not investing in marketing, you could be losing market share to your competitors. Start increasing your business's visibility with online marketing and allow your business to reach a wider audience.
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Invest in your branding.

Marketing starts with your brand.

The purpose of marketing is to increase brand awareness. To craft a digital marketing strategy for your business, first we need to understand your brand.

Simply put, brand is reputation at scale.Who are you? What are your values?

What sets you apart from your competitors? These things help define your brand.

All the marketing collateral we generate for your marketing campaigns comes out of your brand.

Discover your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

If you don't give your ideal client or target audience something to differentiate you from your competition, they'll be forced to focus on price and then it becomes a race to the bottom as you auction yourself off to the lowest bidders.

Generate demand and differentiate yourself from your competitors by discovering your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). It may be an area of specialty you've built up that your ideal client strongly values or it may be as simple as inverting the pain points the customers or clients in your industry typically experience when dealing with businesses like yours.

Refine your target audience.

Marketing efforts require an understanding of your audience. Who are you creating content marketing for? Who do you want to see your Google ads? Who do you want to follow you on social media? Who do you want reading your articles when people look for something on search engines? No brand is complete without a target audience or ideal client.

We help you refine your target audience so you can better speak to them.

Style guide.

It's important your messaging remains consistent across all the various digital marketing channels your ideal clients use. In verbal communication, so much of what is said comes from body language and in the same way, you send your ideal clients a message by your choice of font, the formality of your language, and even things like the colour scheme you use.

Our digital marketers can help you put together a coherent style guide that comes out of your brand and informs all other pieces of marketing collateral that we generate to fuel your marketing campaigns.

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Good marketing generates demand for your brand, which builds an inbound lead pipeline optimised for conversion.

Our case studies.

Case study 1: Professional Service Firm in Sydney.

Recently, we worked on a project where we expanded a website from 16 to 56 pages with content addressing the professional service firm's target audience. This change led to a large increase in the number of people visiting the site, going from 371 per month to 2,626 visits per month.

We took the time to understand what the professional service firm's ideal clients look for online. Using this information, we made sure the new pages on the site were interesting and relevant to them. We also made some tweaks to help the site show up better in search engine results, which makes it easier for the professional service firm's target audience to find them.

The results were clear: a lot more people visited the site, and most importantly, it became a key online spot for the people the professional service firm wanted to reach. This project is a great example of how understanding your audience and making your website easy to find can lead to great results.

Professional Service Firm in Sydney

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Case study 2: Online Based Finance Company.

An online finance company wanted to make their website better and more engaging for users, especially those working in trade and construction. Initially, their website had 36 pages, and they wanted to add more useful content to make the site more appealing and easier to use for potential clients in this industry.

To start, we took a close look at the kinds of customers the finance company wanted to attract, focusing on people in trade and construction. We then did some research to find out what terms these customers might use when searching online, to make sure the new website content would show up in their search results. Based on this information, we planned a two-year strategy for adding new, interesting content to the website that would meet the needs and interests of these customers.

Our efforts paid off. We saw a big jump in the number of people visiting the website. The visitor count increased from 344 to 7,083, which was a clear sign that our strategy was effective and the website was becoming a go-to place for new clients looking for finance services in the trade and construction industries.

Online Based Finance Company

Discovering, researching, purchasing. 90% of website traffic is in the discovery and research phase. Every stage of the lead's conversion journey needs content.
Discovering, researching, purchasing. 90% of website traffic is in the discovery and research phase. Every stage of the lead's conversion journey needs content.
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How we operate.

Step 1


We develop a customer profile to help identify your ideal client, ensuring we focus our efforts on the correct audience.

Step 2

Keyword Research.

We start by figuring out what words your potential customers use when they're looking online for services or products like yours. This helps us plan what kind of articles and content we should create for you.

Step 3

Content Creation.

We make sure your website clearly tells your visitors what you're offering. Sometimes, you might have something they need but they don't know you have it. We help fix that by making your services and products easy to find and understand.

Step 4


Lastly, we help your business stand out in your local area. When people nearby are looking for what you offer, we make sure they find you easily. This is all about making your business the go-to choice locally.

What you will receive

We collaborate exclusively with a select group of clients, ensuring our services are tailored to those who appreciate a nuanced approach to their business strategy. This exclusivity allows us to dedicate ample time and bespoke solutions to each client, understanding the intricacies of your enterprise and the sophisticated market you cater to. Our focus on a limited clientele ensures a partnership that prioritises quality, precision, and superior outcomes.

Increase in leads

Increase in traffic

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Long-term brand value

Improved conversion rates

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Search Engine Optimisation.

Search engine marketing is the cornerstone of any good content digital marketing strategy. With people increasingly spending more of their time online we've found digital marketing strategies offer the best ROI versus traditional marketing (magazine ads, billboards, and direct mail, for example).

Content Schedule & Keyword Research.

We provide keyword research and content schedules as well as competitor analysis reports.

Article Creation.

We write your articles based on our keyword research and competitor analysis reports. We find a strong library of optimised articles can fuel your other digital marketing channels, such as social media marketing and direct email marketing in the form of newsletters or digital marketing campaigns.

Service & Product Pages.

Do your ideal clients know what you're selling? Do you provide services or products that your existing clients aren't buying but need? Our marketing campaigns drive traffic to your website, but it's important your ideal clients have something to buy once they arrive there.

We can help you optimise and create your service pages.

Local SEO.

Unlock your business's potential with our Local SEO services. Gain a competitive edge in your local market as we optimise your online presence, helping your business stand out with increased visibility and targeted traffic.

Social Media Marketing.

In a landscape where 17 million Australians actively consume and engage with content on social media, leveraging these platforms is crucial for building trust and connecting with your brand's audience. An effective social media campaign can effectively communicate with your customers at each phase of their buying journey, guiding them through the decision-making process and ultimately driving conversions for your brand.

Email Marketing.

Despite what you may have heard, direct email marketing still has a place among effective digital marketing techniques. As a result of our search engine marketing and social media marketing, your business won't just gain conversions, you'll build a large database of prospects which you can continue to speak to using our monthly newsletters populated with your articles. This keeps you front of mind so when your ideal clients are ready to leave their current service provider, your brand is the first they turn to.

Reporting and Analytics.

Good analytics is at the heart of what we do. We track your progress by updating you with monthly reports that show the results of our efforts so you can stay in informed and in control.

Google Analytics & Website Traffic Reporting.

Unlock the power of data with our Google Analytics & Website Traffic Reporting services. We offer transparency by giving you insights into your online performance and helping you understand user behavior so you can make data-driven decisions to ensure your marketing is as effective as possible.

Heatmaps and Session Recording.

Dive deep into user interaction with our Heatmaps and Session Recording services. Visualise the journey of your visitors, uncover hotspots of engagement, and fine-tune your website for an optimised user experience that converts casual browsers into loyal customers.

Website Optimisation.

We run a health check on your website, including speed test assessments and analyse the effectiveness of the functionality and user experience with the aim of increasing your conversion rate.

About Causbrooks.

Causbrooks is a registered tax agent with tax accountants who have decades of experience working with businesses and all tax entities, whether it be trusts, partnerships, companies, or sole traders. We offer a holistic service which includes business advisory, including crafting digital marketing strategies and running digital marketing campaigns for our clients.

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