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Causbrooks is a boutique chartered accounting firm and registered tax agent based in the heart of Sydney's CBD. Our team of dedicated Sydney-based tax accountants is committed to providing the best possible experience for our clients. Great service and customised professional advice is at the heart of what we do. We are a family owned business offering a complete range of accounting servcies and taxation services to clients across the greater Sydney area and beyond.

Whether you're a white collar worker in Sydney's CBD, own and operate a family business in the greater Sydney region, or draw the majority of your income from investments, our wide range of services and professional network complements our core competencies in accounting and taxation.

Why choose Causbrooks?

With well over one hundred years of combined professional experience and long-standing client relationships, in some cases spanning up to three generations, we are well established and here for the long haul.

We deliver quality

Our clients come to us for peace of mind. We optimise tax liabilities and identify opportunities for improvement based on our understanding of our clients’ unique situations. If you care about getting it right, you’re in safe hands with us.

We are reliable

We will always be here when you need us. We respond to client calls and emails on the same day. We are proactive because our clients come to us to stay ahead of the curve. We ensure our clients and their tax structures are up to date and compliant with the most recent tax changes.

We have integrity

We understand that trust is paramount when it comes to managing your finances. That’s why we place unwavering integrity at the core of everything we do.

We have experience

Benefit from our decades of experience working across all entity types and in every industry. We offer personalised advice and support tailored to each client's unique needs and circumstances.


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Tax Services.

We prepare individual tax returns daily and can pick up things you may have missed, including deductions and relevant eligible rebates, offsets, and credits. As a Registered Tax Agent, we can negotiate payment plans, extend your lodgement due date from October to May the following year, and ensure you stay on the right side of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Let us take the stress out of tax time by helping you lodge your tax return.

The simplest way to run a business is as a sole trader. All you need to get started is an Australian Business Number (ABN). Sole traders are required to lodge an individual tax return and are taxed at the same rate as an individual. You are required to declare your business income or loss as part of your personal income tax return. Unlike an employee's individual tax return, there are additional details you need to be aware of that are part of the process of lodging a tax return as a sole trader.

If you are starting a business, you have many options when it comes to how you want to run your business. Operating as a sole trader is generally the cheapest and easiest option, however there are several key benefits to operating a business via a company structure.

A company structure is generally more complex than other types of business structures and as a result company tax returns can be more complicated. A company is a separate legal entity and is required to lodge an income tax return. If you are running a business as a sole trader, it might be time to consider forming a company structure.

Of all the business structures, trusts offer the most flexibility. In addition to being used to operate a business, trusts can also protect and preserve your assets, customise how wealth is distributed, and address family dynamics, such as divorce or blended families. A trust can also employ people.

Income tax is not paid by the trust as an entity but is paid by beneficiaries. Goods and Services Tax (GST) may be applicable. There may be tax planning, asset protection, and estate planning considerations. A trust requires an official Trust Deed to be prepared and executed. We can assist with the setup of a trust.

A partnership is a business structure involving two or more people who have agreed to distribute income or losses between themselves. Partnerships can be ideal for business partners who want to run their business as individuals and don't want to have to worry about company structures, additional corporate compliance, and the rigid reporting obligations that come along with running a business via a company structure. 

The partnership does not pay tax on its income. Rather, each partner pays tax on their share of the partnership’s net income according to the individual tax rates that apply to that partner. A formal partnership agreement is an important tax document if profits and losses are not necessarily distributed equally among the partners.

If you're a sole trader or have a company or trust, you'll need to lodge a Business Activity Statement (BAS) generally on a quarterly basis to report any GST you've collected from your clients and claim GST credits. A BAS will also report any PAYG Withholding obligations if you employ people and report any PAYG instalments. 

Take the stress out of preparing your individual tax return by working with accountants who will take the time to understand your specific circumstances.

  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Compilation of financial statements
  • Review of financial statements
  • Analysis of financial statements

Self Managed Superannuation Funds have many benefits; they offer the greatest amount of control and flexibility regarding investment options compared with other kinds of managed funds. However, setting up and operating a Self Managed Super Fund is a major financial decision, and it requires your time, skills, and a significant amount of capital given the annual costs (financial advice, accounting, and auditing) associated with maintaining the fund and ensuring it complies with all the legal and tax requirements. Self Managed Super Funds can invest in stocks of listed and unlisted public companies as well as privately-owned companies. They can also invest in residential and commercial property.

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Accounting Services.


When you partner with us, our bookkeeping team becomes an extension of your business. We’re not just your accountants, we’re your partners in business.

Our bookkeepers are responsible for preparing your business's financial statements, including its profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. These financial reports show the bottom line of your operating expenses, the balance of assets and liabilities as well as the cash flowing in and out of the business.

Real-time reports you can understand. Our bookkeeping team provides you with insightful financial reports, all in real-time, so you can make the right decisions for your business. We’re always on-hand to help.

Corporate Secretarial.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) regulates the conduct of Australian companies and it's important you comply with their regulations as a director of an Australian company.

We can act as your ASIC Registered Agent and assist you with corporate secretarial matters when required, such as:

  • Appoint an ASIC Agent (we can act as your agent on your behalf)
  • Share Structure Change
  • Company Name Change
  • ASIC Voluntary Deregistration
  • Update officeholders and member details

Company Set Up.

Not sure which entity structure is right for your business and unique situation? We can advise you on the best suitable structure for your new business given your situation. We can also help with the setup, on-going compliance and management of the corporate accounting and tax returns for your business.

We can assist with the following:

  • Incorporation of a company
  • Corporate compliance, including providing registered office service
  • Trust, Partnership, or Company Setup
  • Tax File Number Application
  • ABN Registration
  • GST Registration
  • PAYG Withholding Registration
  • Fringe Benefits Tax Registration

We're not just advisers; we're partners in your financial journey, ensuring every decision is informed, every risk is managed, and your financial health is always at the forefront.

Tax Advisory.

Tax Planning.

We understand the significant impact effective tax planning can make to the lives of our clients. Our expertise in navigating the ATO's rules around tax planning, including implementing tax efficient structures, has been instrumental in securing financial health and peace of mind in our clients. By focusing on maximising deductions, particularly ones that can be overlooked, such as personal superannuation contributions, we ensure our clients benefit from every available exemption and concession.

Our approach to tax planning is comprehensive and tailored to the unique circumstances of our clients. This strategic focus has consistently delivered success stories across the spectrum, from individuals operating via a sole trader structure or discretionary trust through to small to medium enterprises, family-owned businesses, and established companies.

Bucket Companies and Other Tax Efficient Structures.

Ensuring your business remains profitable is one of your most important responsibilities as a business owner. But do you have a plan for what to do when your business starts to generate a healthy profit? How can you avoid being blind-sided by the tax owing when the ATO comes calling?

While methods such as maximising deductions have their place in any tax planning strategy, a tax minimisation strategy that solely relies on deductions can leave you sacrificing profit in order to lower your tax when there may be other options available to you.

With you and your family relying on the profits generated by your business to fund your lifestyle, it's important you understand the most tax effective manner for distributing income and the best business structures that allow you to do so.

You may want to consider how a bucket company might fit in your overall tax planning strategy.

Asset Protection and Business Structuring.

We provide asset protection strategies tailored to your financial affairs and unique situation. Whether it's establishing trusts, appointing successors, performing risk management assessments, or assisting with estate planning, we're here to help.

Tax Advisory.

Business Advisory.

Many of our clients have benefited from our core business advisory offerings, whether it be helping small to medium businesses increase their profitability, assisting businesses with their financial management, helping family owned businesses grow their customer base, and established businesses prepare for sale.

At Causbrooks, we love being a part of the story of your business success. From start-ups to some of the most established retail businesses in Australia, we are passionate about working with people who are driven to succeed in business and in life.

Having worked with mentors ourselves, we understand the difference good business advice can make. Whatever your challenges are---business growth, greater work life balance, or improving cash flow and profitability---our business advisory team can help you achieve your goals with our tailored advice.

Digital Marketing.

We help our clients build and implement marketing strategies along multiple digital channels, including: search engine optimisation, direct email marketing campaigns, and social media marketing.

We collaborate exclusively with a select group of clients, ensuring our services are tailored to those who appreciate a nuanced approach to their business strategy. This exclusivity allows us to dedicate ample time and bespoke solutions to each client, understanding the intricacies of your enterprise and the sophisticated market you cater to. Our focus on a limited clientele ensures a partnership that prioritises quality, precision, and superior outcomes.


Any advice contained in this document is general advice only and does not take into consideration the reader’s personal circumstances. Any reference to the reader’s actual circumstances is coincidental. To avoid making a decision not appropriate to you, the content should not be relied upon or act as a substitute for receiving financial advice suitable to your circumstances.

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